Deputy Director -FSSD




 Paul Bannerman is the Deputy Director of Fisheries in Ghana and responsible for Marine Research Division in the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Hull-United Kingdom in 1997.   He was first appointed an Assistant Fisheries Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries Directorate) in 1988 and has risen through the ranks to be the head of the Division in July 2009.

Being responsible for marine research activities in Ghana, he has participated in numerous fisheries resource management workshops and stock assessment cruises onboard local and international vessels including R/V Fridtjof Nansen.   As a fisheries scientist, Mr. Bannerman has travelled widely abroad and participated in numerous courses/workshops/seminars in fisheries biology/statistics, stock assessment and fisheries management.

He is currently the ICCAT Tropical Species General Rapporteur (2014 to date) and the statistical and tagging correspondent for Ghana on the SCRS (Standing Committee for Research and Statistics)- ICCAT. He has held the position of East Atlantic Billfish Co-ordinator of ICCAT from 2000-2009. He is also the focal point for the FAO–EAF-Nansen project / FIRMS projects from 2009 to date.

He is a project team member co-ordinating a pilot project on Electronic Monitoring Systems 2014-2019 under the Area Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) programme sponsored by FAO/ISSF/WWF.

He has published a number of papers mainly in the ICCAT Scientific bulletins from 2000. Other papers include : The assessment of the big-eye grunt (Brachydeuterus auritus,) fishery in Ghanaian coastal waters; Fisheries Research 59 (2002) :The effect of the use of devices (FADs) and bird radars in bait-boat fishery of tuna in Ghana; SCRS92/151;  :Towards a better understanding of conflict management in tropical fisheries: Marine Policy 25 (2001)