Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson on Tuesday June 21, 2022 received some executives and members of the Development Action Association (DAA) in her office in Accra.

The Development Action Association, which emerges from the Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) comprises a group of ladies who came together to form the association after they successfully executed a project called ‘’Action for Development’’.

Briefing the Hon. Minister on their activities, the center manager for DAA fisheries training center, Mrs. Emelia Nortey explained that the association has three umbrellas in the fisheries sector.

The first one includes fish processors and sellers. The association trains and assists them in adopting the best practices in fish processing. The second umbrella is the Densu Oyster Processors Association (DOPA) which also trained women in ecology and water biology in order to collect data on the Densu River.

According to Mrs. Nortey, through the initiative, they have been able to plant some thirty thousand mangroves to ensure the revamping of oyster sources and the third umbrella of the association is the DAA USAID which has an accreditation from the Commission for Technical Vocation and Education Training to offer competency training for proficiency 1 and 2 in the fishes’ value chain.

Mrs. Nortey noted that, the association is currently handling the Ghana Fisheries Recovery Activity in Gomoa West to sign people onto the safe fish implementation scheme.

Treasure for the association, Mrs. Patricia Ashigbui, expressed her appreciation to DAA and how it has been beneficial to her especially in her education. She appealed to the Honorable Minister to help the association with some relief items during the closed season since most women cannot struggle with the men for these items when they are given out generally.

Honorable Mavis Hawa Koomson urged the women who engaged in fish processing to export their fish as this can create more income for them. She promised to help get licenses for them. She promised to help get licenses for them to export their fish and pledged to provide them with the necessary support they need.

On the issue of relief item, the honorable minister entreated the association to provide the total number of its members in order for them to receive the items during the closed season.

To tackle the problem of light fishing, the sector minister assured that government has provided the necessary support to handle the activities of light fishing. She added that the ministry has been given the mandate to procure a patrol boat to help fight individuals who engaged in light fishing.