Mr Emmanuel Mantey Mensah, a former Director of the Fisheries Commission has been sworn in as the new Chairman of the board of the Commission.


Mr Mantey Mensah, who holds post graduate degree in Fisheries Management from the Graceville College of Technology, UK, worked with the then Fisheries Department for 40 years. He was among the first batch of fisheries officers sent to conduct research on the Volta Lake from 1968 – 1979. He became the Regional Fisheries Officer of the Northern Region undertaking projects for the Aquaculture centre. Mr Mantey Mensah became the head of Marine Fisheries Management.


Mr Emmanuel Mantey Mensah, previously served as a member of the Food Committee at the then Ghana Standards Board (GSB), became Chairman of the Fish Standards at the GSB and a founding member of the Food and Drugs Board, now Food and Drugs Authority.


He was a Consultant Expert for 6 months on the WARF Project registering vessels ie industrial and semi-industrial with a counterpart from Senegal who initiated the setting up of the internet containing all the details of vessels in Ghana. He served as a consultant to the Environmental Protection Agency in validating guidelines set for impact assessment for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Fisheries Management. He also served as a member of the transition team of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development.


He also holds a Bachelors’ degree in Bio-Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science Degree from the University of Ghana. He also has had training in Tuna Processing in California and studied Fish Quality Control in Denmark.