Sector Minister (2017-2020)

Honourable Elizabeth Naa Afoley Quaye has been the sector minister for MoFAD since 2017.

Honourable Afoley Quaye is among the young generation of politicians who have offered themselves into politics to help transform the minds and attitudes of people. As it is said;” The battle of life is the battle of the mind”.

Born on the 1st of November 1970 within the coastal belt of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana in a predominantly fishing community called Nungua with deep seated family heritage in this beautiful place also known as Nungua Krowor. Afoley is married and blessed with four children.

Afoley worked with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for twenty(20) and resigned in November 2015 to focus on her political campaign.

As a self-starter, in 1992 when the then government placed an embargo on employment, she started her own poultry business and joined the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in November 1995.

Currently an MPhil candidate in Agricultural Administration at the University of Ghana, Also holds a degree in Agribusiness from the Central University College and Diploma with Distinction in General Agriculture from University of Ghana. Afoley has worked with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for the past 20 years.

Her passion to achieve success in business and life as a whole has seen her venturing into areas such as livestock production, agro processing, real estate development and batik, tie and dye production.

Afoley’s inner drive to impact her generation and as attested to by her peers made her take up some leadership roles in school. As the head girl right from the preparatory school, she endeared herself to her mates. She became the National Secretary of the Agricultural Colleges Students Union, the treasurer to the agribusiness students and associates and it goes on and on.

From the polling station as a polling station secretary, Afoley took the political stage in Krowor by storm in the midst of challenges within, and managed to put some lease of hope back into the party in Krowor by standing against all odds to run the race of the parliamentary primary. Afoley believes that victory cannot be won on a platter of silver but with hard work and dedication to duty.

Afoley has become a house hold name in Krowor and as the saying goes ” Success has many Fathers but failure is an orphan”. Her resolve to take up the challenge to contest the parliamentary seat has brought a lot of dynamism into the Party at the grassroots.

The bane of running campaigns in our part of the world has been that of maligning and denigration of opponents. Afoley ran an issues based campaign devoid of insults and pushed the boundaries of the campaign to it’s ultra limits.

She believes in God and in all her endeavors she puts God first. Her victory in the 7th December2016 is evidenced in her belief in God and hard work. Now the member of Parliament for the Krowor Constituency and the Minister designate for the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development.